Monday, 15 August 2011

Wont be posting for awhile

Hey people, Ling and I would be really really busy from now onwards until October:( We wont be posting until then. We'll get back to posting when October comes.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Rilakkuma Plush Speaker:)

this is gonna be the first San-X character post on this collab blog:) yay!! so today,i'll be posting a Rilakkuma Speaker:)

Product: Rilakkuma Speaker Plush

it's a 2 in one speaker cuz it's also a plush:) how awesome is that? so u can cuddle it and listen to ur fave tunes:) 

available at JapanLA.

okay,this is a pretty short post,im gonna end off this post here:) bye!

-posted by Ling:)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Iwako rocks!!!

Iwako officially rocks.It sells totally cute erasers... I mean... there isn't much point in buying these because i know i woudn't  be able to bear using them!!
Check out: Iwako

Monday, 16 May 2011

Urban Outfitters

have you guys heard of Urban Outfitters?not only do they sell clothes,but they also sell cute things!! isn't that like the most ultimate combo ever? so come and check them out!!

first up is this uber-cute pig frying pan:) i dunno on what occasion u might use this but i would probably use it everytime i cooked pancakes:)'s just so cute!!would be a great gift for pig lovers:)

Mr Piggy Frying Pan available here.

Truffle Shuffle Shakers

gosh,i thought the pig frying pan was cute but this is even cuter!! aww...i love the mushrooms' kawaii faces!! and i absolutely love kawaii and practical things:) just like this mushroom salt and pepper shaker set! very worth it:)

Mushrooms Salt And Pepper Shaker Set available here.

i have never seen bath mats this cute!! i mean,just look at that whale!! one of the cutest i've ever seen:)

Blue Whale Bath Mat available here.

are u a messy person? i know i am. there are so many things lying around my bathroom! and i think this just might be the solution to my problem:)and the best thing is,it's so cute!! i think this octopus shower caddy is a really great invention:) i wouldn't mind seeing it's kawaii face everytime i go to bathe:)available in Blue too.

Octopus Shower Caddy available here.

who wouldn't want a plush from the most downloaded Iphone App ever? yes,Urban Outfitters now sells Angry Birds Plushies!!how AWESOME is that?? i love it! above are the different types of characters u can choose from.

Angry Birds Plushies available here.

more plushies from Angry Birds:) this time it's the piggies:) they are just as cute as the birds!!aww..... i love the middle one the most:)

Angry Birds Piggie Plushies available here. it just me or are owls just like so cute? i love this owl solar powered toy!! i especially love the weird patterns and colours on its body:) it looks so innocent with its big eyes:)

Owl Solar Powered Toy available here.

okay,that's all the cuteness for today:) hope u guys enjoyed this post!

-posted by Ling:)

Crocheted cuteness on Etsy

I can't believe i spent over an hour just looking at all the cute crocheted items on Etsy and it's kinda worth it. * wink wink* ( random)
I coudn't help but post a few of them!!!
You have to admit... these are so darn cute!
I just posted the pic and the links so happy shopping :D

                                          Reggie Narwhal by BeeLiciousCrafts

                                         I found many diff versions of angry birds but these are still the cutest!
                                        ( CLICK HERE)

                          You can actually take these two out!!! I seriously want to cuddle one even though i generally hate eating peas. ( CLICK HERE)
                 This is so cute but im sorry i can't decide if it is a pig or a dog!! ( CLICK HERE)


Friday, 6 May 2011


yesterday, i found this amazingly cute website that sells t-shirts.and they're not just any t-shirts but they are Boximals t-shirts:) Boximals is a shop and their shirt designs are based on their drawings of cardboard box-inspired animals. they are very very cute!!! so u guys have to check these tees out!!

awww.... PIGGIES!! SO KAWAII!! haha the name of this shirt is "Pig Pooling", like car pooling but i think it's WAY cuter:) i didn't know cardboard boxes could be so versatile:)

Pig Pooling Tee available here.

MONKEY BOXIMALS=EXTREME KAWAII!! couldn't u just die? cardboard box monkeys hanging on cardboard box trees? seriously, what more could u ask for? i totally &lt;3 this tee, partly cuz it reminds me of my cousin ,always monkeying around:)

Hanging Out Monkey Tee available here.

okay,apparently,no matter what kind of animal it is,Boximals always seems to be able to draw them in such a cute way:) in this funny tee print,3 doggies are tryna reach a fake bone on the top of a pet store sign:) but they're too short, so ,bein clever (and kinda silly for thinking it was a real bone) doggies,they used team effort to reach the bone:)yay for happy endings!!

Team Effort Dog Tee available here.

i never knew red cats could be so cute!! haha:) so this tee print is called "Unnatural Prey". 2 cats are chasing after a cake with a fish on it, oh haha and i just noticed that the cake is actually sweating!! it has wings too!! now how awesome is that?seriously,who wouldn't think this tee print is cute?

Unnatural Prey Cat Tee available here.

another one of my fav tees from Boximals:) it's called "Box World" , can u imagine a world full of Boximals?i can. it would be so much more fun!! so,i really like this tee mostly cuz of the bright colours and awesomely cute design:) with a shop like Boximals,what's there not to love?

Box World Tee available here.

so, is this enough to prove that Boximals is worth visiting? if it is, then go check out the shop today,and purchase a tee of your own:)

-posted by Ling:)

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Meomi  is a website that has some super cute desktop wallpapers available to download for FREE!! how awesome is that? now you can have a piece of kawaii in your desktop:) 

here are some of the kawaii wallpapers you can download:

have fun choosing kawaii wallpapers for your desktop!!

-posted by Ling:)