Monday, 16 May 2011

Crocheted cuteness on Etsy

I can't believe i spent over an hour just looking at all the cute crocheted items on Etsy and it's kinda worth it. * wink wink* ( random)
I coudn't help but post a few of them!!!
You have to admit... these are so darn cute!
I just posted the pic and the links so happy shopping :D

                                          Reggie Narwhal by BeeLiciousCrafts

                                         I found many diff versions of angry birds but these are still the cutest!
                                        ( CLICK HERE)

                          You can actually take these two out!!! I seriously want to cuddle one even though i generally hate eating peas. ( CLICK HERE)
                 This is so cute but im sorry i can't decide if it is a pig or a dog!! ( CLICK HERE)


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