Thursday, 28 April 2011

Diva giraffe BFF'S necklace:)

for a few weeks now,me and Cherubics have been longing for this necklace from Diva(this australian store) for the longest time. the good thing is Diva has a branch near my house so a week ago, i went there to buy this giraffe necklace:)Diva sells many other BFF pair necklaces where both necklaces are the same design but one says "best" and the other says"friends".Cherubics took the the friends one and i took the best one:) here's a pic of the giraffe necklaces:

(picture not provided by me.i do not own anything.pic source) now i wear it the whole day after school cuz they don't allow us to wear necklaces in school,sucks rite? but ya,i really like this necklace, and  i decided to share it with you guys:) 

Diva BFF'S Giraffe Necklace available here.

go check out more Diva products here.

and be sure not to miss out the Young Divas Youth Range,loads more cute products there:)

- posted by Ling:)

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  1. do they still sell this necklace in the store near you? they dont have it online for me to order and i really wanna get it for me and my bestfriend..