Sunday, 17 April 2011

Welcome to Rediscover Cuteness!!

hello everyone,welcome to Rediscover Cuteness!!this is an introductory post to our blog. Cherubics and me(Ling) came up with an idea of creating this collab blog where we both get to post on one blog our cute finds:)because our past blogs were about cute things,we didn't really want to change the topic of this collab blog,which is cuteness. the reason we made this collab blog is to just combine our efforts and make a blog together,also,this will help us keep in touch:)

this blog is more laidback and,we can post anything cute, ANYTHING. there's more freedom here.we can share our own personal cute things that we bought,do reviews,bring a new perspective basically,about cuteness. 

a little thing about myself and Cherubics,Cherubics favourite San-X character is Mamegoma,mine is Rilakkuma.This is something u might wanna take note of.... cuz we'll definitely be posting loads of San-X:) 
and of course,Cherubics and Ling are NOT our real names, just blog names:) 

Lastly,we hope u enjoy our blog and that it puts a smile on ur face:)


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